Working to re-enroll students

By AACC 21st Century Center Staff

More than a dozen New Jersey higher education institutions are working to support the Some College, No Degree statewide initiative.

It is estimated by the National Student Clearinghouse that more than 790,000 New Jersey residents have earned some college credit but left school before completing their credential or degree.

Through the statewide Some College, No Degree (SCND) initiative, the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education (OSHE) with partner ReUp Education is working to re-engage this demographic of students to complete their college degree.

In Spring 2023, 17 colleges and universities – nine community colleges among them – formed the first cohort to tackle this work. Between April and December, more than 2,800 New Jersey residents have re-enrolled and the institutions involved have earned around $8 million in recaptured tuition.

In December, five more higher ed institutions joined the initiative.

Participating institutions were awarded grants of $100,000 to $200,000 to help with their efforts.

Mercer County Community College (MCCC) is one of those institutions.

“We are thrilled to participate in this important program,” MCCC President Deborah Preston said in a release. “There are many reasons why a student may have to take a break from achieving their dream of obtaining a college degree, and as educators, we want to provide them with every opportunity to make attaining their goal of earning a degree possible.”

The college’s Bridge to Completion program is providing resources including financial assistance, dedicated re-engagement specialists, study support including tutoring, flexible course schedules, prior learning credit eligibility and more.

“By helping students navigate their return to postsecondary education and making it accessible and affordable for everyone, we are allowing them to overcome barriers to equity in education,” said Marvin Carter, MCCC’s director of diversity, equity, and inclusion and Title IX coordinator.

AACC 21st Century Center Staff

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