Report roundup

By AACC 21st Century Center Staff

A monthly roundup of reports of interest to the community college sector.

Here are three reports you should know about this month.

  1. More than one-fifth of California community college students who were eligible and applied for student aid didn’t receive a Pell Grant, according to a new research brief from the Center for Community College Leadership and Research at the University of California, Davis. Why? Researchers are studying that, but there are a few potential reasons, including the federal paperwork process. For example, before students can receive a Pell Grant, they must “verify” their application. That additional step can become a “hurdle” for students, the brief’s authors said.
  2. The National Center for Education Statistics released a new study that finds that nearly three-quarters of public school districts in the 2016-2017 academic year offered dual credit career and technical education (CTE) classes — meaning students could earn both high school and college credit. Districts surveyed reported that barriers to offering CTE programs to high school students included lack of funding or high program costs, finding the right teachers and space limitations.
  3. At Oregon’s public colleges and universities, minority groups continue to face barriers in paying for and completing degrees. A new state report reveals that, despite a slowly rising completion rate for college students statewide, there are significant gaps especially along lines of race and ethnicity. Some groups in the report were as much as 40 percent less likely to graduate, and others were more likely to report financial difficulties.


AACC 21st Century Center Staff

is a contributor to the 21st-Century Center.