New programs spotlight performing arts

By Jared Libby

There is something so enjoyable about experiencing the splendor of an unforgettable performance or work of art in whatever medium. In northern Nevada, we are fortunate to have ample opportunities for careers and lifelong participation in the performing arts. It takes many people to make a movie, television show, or stage play, and when inspiration strikes, a skilled team is invaluable in turning passions and dreams into a successful production.

The visual and performing arts department in the liberal arts division at Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) is revitalizing its curriculum to meet the demands and needs of modern careers in the performing arts.

The liberal arts division has a robust offering of courses, and the academic pathways of the visual and performing arts program are teeming with intriguing prospects and enthusiasm. Artists find their motivation in the most unexpected ways, and TMCC students can find their inspiration and discover new career paths with these fresh academic avenues.

Creativity takes courage

TMCC is expanding its educational options by providing leading-edge industry certifications and degrees, instilling in our students the professional knowledge and skills that will prepare them for the expectations of their future workplace. The latest certificates are a testament to this principle and aim to cultivate skilled individuals in a stimulating environment that never stops moving.

We speak of the brand-new Theatre Tech Skills Certificate. Theater technicians play a significant role in bringing stories to life on the stage, and they do that through their behind-the-scenes maneuvers. Responsible for creating the sets and props plus running the lighting and sound components of theatrical performances, they are the spark that keeps the show illuminated, resonant, and captivating to the audience’s senses.

Natalie Russell, dean of liberal arts, encourages students to enroll in these exciting, inventive programs at TMCC, detailing the benefits of the career avenues available. In theatre tech, students now have three pathway options: the 15-credit Theatre Tech Skills Certificate, a 30-credit Certificate of Achievement and a 60-credit Associate of Arts, Fine Arts [Theatre] degree, according to Russell.

“All of these programs will prepare students with the theoretical knowledge, on-stage experience, and technical production skills they need to be successful in theater and other performing arts careers,” Russell said.

Theatre techs are adept at maintaining and repairing stage equipment, assuring its safety for actors and others in the vicinity. They even construct sets, flats, props, and costumes that add the extra flair a production might need, breathing life into this imaginative and interconnected world. Getting lost in the universe of one of these tales is enchanting, and by choosing this pathway, you’ll be proud knowing you provided that same sensation for the people viewing your collaborative production.

The soundtrack of our lives

TMCC will also offer musical recording technology courses for enrollment in the fall semester.

MUS 231 and MUS 232 will provide an immersive learning experience in the recording studio with analog and digital formats. Students will gain firsthand knowledge while studying multi-track techniques and the equipment systems that professionals in this field handle regularly.

And MUS 239 and MUS 240 invite students to explore virtual studio technology, engaging with state-of-the-art hardware and software through hands-on lessons that teach the fundamentals of sound design.

“Through interactive training alongside cutting-edge software and equipment, and theoretical study, students will learn about audio recording, how to operate analog and digital equipment, the theory and application of recording systems, and so much more,” said Russell.

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Jared Libby

is the creative content writer for marketing and communications at Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Nevada.