Eliminating language barriers in the hospitality industry

By Community College of Denver

The Community College of Denver (CCD) and the Hispanic Restaurant Association have partnered together to create the Food and Beverage Language Institute (FBLI). This joint program will deliver language-based training for employees in the hospitality and food and beverage industries in Colorado.

With more than 60% of non-native English speakers working in the food and beverage industry, language and cultural barriers are prevalent. FBLI will help employees bridge these challenges to build leadership and hospitality skills and advance in their careers. The year-long hybrid program consists of four modules: language skill and foundational industry context, industry specifics, employer need and pillars of leadership.

“This unique partnership allows CCD to make history with a first-of-its-kind program that directly addresses the needs of Colorado’s vibrant restaurant and hospitality culture while addressing the seminal challenges for these professionals,” CCD President Marielena P. DeSanctis said. “I am thrilled to continue leading the Denver community in eliminating barriers to economic mobility through the power of education.”

The Hispanic Restaurant Association was founded in 2021, advocating on behalf of Hispanic restaurateurs. Its mission is to drive economic and entrepreneurial activity through a series of networks and programs, including FBLI.

“The Hispanic Restaurant Association is thrilled to be partnered with the Community College of Denver to launch the Food and Beverage Language Institute,” said John Jaramillo, president of the Hispanic Restaurant Association. “This new platform will be an integral tool in educating and elevating a new generation of learners by giving a support system that is practical, career-specific, and allows for educational opportunities down the road previously not known. Not only for them but for their families. We look forward to generational impacts on those in the restaurant community.”

“The Community College of Denver has offered community ESL classes for more than 15 years, said Selene Nestor, managing partner of the Hispanic Restaurant Association. “With this strategic partnership, the FBLI intends to extend the academic expertise of CCD and the extensive roots of the HRA in the hospitality industry to better prepare food and beverage professionals. This program will offer a much-needed path of progression to our hospitality community.”

CCD has prioritized building connections with Denver’s business community as a primary strategy for addressing access to education. In addition to the Hispanic Restaurant Association, the college has partnered with various local and national organizations to exceed job market demands, including Amazon and Green Flower.

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