Data Matters: America on the Road to College Completion

By Rebecca L. Weber

Here’s the education and employment landscape as we move toward Lumina’s Goal 2025.

When it comes to funding actionable plans to help college students complete degrees, Lumina Foundation is a major player. One of its completion strategies has involved the creation of an urban-focused, community-based attainment network to align community colleges with local business and civic initiatives.

To understand Lumina’s goals and to see how it is doing in the push for a radical increase in the number of Americans who earn college degrees over the next decade, we took a look at the United States’ education and employment opportunities.

Road to Completion Infographic

How is your college working toward this goal? Tell us in the Comments.

Rebecca L. Weber

is a contributor to the 21st-Century Center.

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  • Phyllis Cummins

    Data matter (not matters). Assume you are using the plural “data” and not one piece of data.


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