Brand new

By Bridget Kavanaugh

A new brand moves a Michigan college into the future.

Michigan’s Oakland Community College (OCC) puts students first, and now its brand will reflect that. After more than 20 years, OCC launched a new brand: “Excellence Empowered.” It’s part of the college’s larger strategic plan.

The new brand reflects the best self of the college, according to Theodore G. Coutilish, vice chancellor for marketing and community relations. It came about after six months of research, conducted under the leadership of OCC’s new chancellor, Peter Provenzano.

The community, faculty, staff, students and business were all taken into account in the research.

“It was a great time to review what OCC means to our community, students and partners, focused on a new way forward. It also was a tremendous opportunity to clarify who we are as a leader in higher education and improve our visibility and awareness,” Coutilish said.

“The outcomes from this research are very exciting,” Provenzano said. “OCC’s top attributes among a diverse set of key stakeholders clearly noted we serve as a positive force in Oakland County. What sets us apart is our excellence in programming and empowered students with real world skills, specialized training and work-readiness. The research identified what we work hard for each day: a student-focused approach within a proactive culture that is community oriented, diverse, and supportive.”

Based on perceptions of OCC in the minds of the public now, it links the college to its future. “It’s not simply the impressive size and scope of our college but the excellence in faculty, staff and programs, empowered students and key relationships that are our key attributes, setting us apart from others,” Provenzano said.

The branding is concise, instantly understandable and completely dynamic. It draws on OCC’s considerable capital in the community while carrying a potent and audacious message of agency. OCC owns the concept of quality (Excellence) and is seen as a force (Empowers) in the community and for its students.

The new branding will roll out this summer as OCC continues to strengthen its visibility within the region.

Bridget Kavanaugh

is director of marketing & community relations at Oakland Community College in Michigan.