Being student-ready is everybody’s job

By Bill Lace

One of Tarrant County College’s (TCC’s) three organizational goals is that the college be student-ready, defined as a commitment to “meeting students where they are and with what they bring to the table.” But exactly whose job is that?

Sha-Shonda Porter, executive director of organizational excellence and development, has the answer and wants to share it with the entire college community. “It’s everybody’s job,” she said, “and this program is for everyone because we all play a role. We’re all here for the same reason — the students — and we serve in different ways whatever our role is. I don’t want anyone to walk away thinking this is only a program for some people. This is a program for everybody.”

The program referred to is the Student-Ready Culture Institute, and Porter has blanketed TCC’s entire faculty and staff with an invitation to sign up and be a part of fleshing out the hows and whys of making the goal a reality.

The Institute will consist of 10 online sessions. Three will be in-person and will be offered at times designed to fit everyone’s schedule. The other seven will be via e-learning and can be taken at any time.

Topics address many of the various bumps students encounter on the road to success and how to help smooth them out or at least make them less of a jolt. Included are creating an empathetic atmosphere; awareness of issues of trauma, suicide and intercultural differences; and knowledge of college and community resources for students.

Plans are underway for Institute participants to take part in online “lunch and learn” sessions at which they can share experiences, viewpoints and ideas.

“This is not a one-time thing,” Porter said. “We will make the sessions available on an ongoing basis. We’ll look at it like any academic program and will offer the sessions as demand warrants.”
Her hope for the Institute is that it results in “a greater experience for students, which is a big part of student success. I can see just by the level of interest that our faculty and staff have the heart and desire to find out how to serve students in the most meaningful ways.”

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Bill Lace

is an author for TCC News at Tarrant County College in Texas.