Advancing parents through AVANCE

By Austin Community College

New program empowers lifelong learning

In Texas, Austin Community College District (ACC) teamed up with AVANCE-Austin and WorkForce Solutions Capital Area to launch a new program that supports parents who want to go to college and advance in their careers.

The AVANCE to College Program was designed specifically for parents with young children in historically marginalized communities. The program provides parents the opportunity to increase their parenting skills and provides their children with an early learning environment to put them on the right path to educational success. It also exposes parents to opportunities to further their own education and career.

“Higher education serves as the true equalizer in our community. We must ensure we provide the right pathways and programs to support everyone in the ACC community. This program helps us do just that,” ACC Chancellor Richard Rhodes said. “Together, we can create the right support that can impact all students –– especially those in our underserved communities.”

Parents who enroll in the AVANCE to College Program will attend ACC South Austin Campus and get customized support and resources, including:

  • Culturally responsive parenting education
  • High-quality early childhood instruction and childcare enrollment opportunities
  • Access to college courses and all amenities at ACC, including a curated college and career readiness component
  • An ecosystem of opportunity that benefits the entire family, positioning them for long-term success and growth

AVANCE-Austin creates pathways to economic mobility for predominantly Latino families through high-quality, culturally responsive, two-generation programming that ensures school readiness for young children and opportunities for parents to build social and economic capital. Their targeted program services reflect the cultural, racial/ethnic, and linguistic background of their families and provide specific strategies based on the unique needs of these families and children.

The program launches in August.

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