Team 9 – Faculty Engagement and Leadership Development


The Implementation Team on Faculty Engagement for Student Success and College-Wide Leadership Development will address and promote faculty roles in accomplishment of Recommendations 1 and 2 from the report of the 21st Century Commission on the Future of Community Colleges and explore ways to increase college-wide leadership development. The pertinent recommendations are:

  • Increase completion rates of students earning community college credentials (certificates and associate degrees) by 50% by 2020, while preserving access, enhancing quality, and eradicating attainment gaps associated with income, race, ethnicity, and gender.
  • Dramatically improve college readiness: by 2020, reduce by half the numbers of students entering college unprepared for rigorous college-level work, and double the number of students who complete developmental education programs and progress to successful completion of related freshman-level courses.

Primary tasks are:

  • Recommend to the Steering Committee strategies for a) engaging faculty in student success and completion and b) organizing and developing college-wide leadership for student success at the local and state levels.
  • Collect examples of (a) local and statewide faculty-led initiatives for improving student success and college completion and (b) effective programs for faculty, staff, and president leadership development focused on strengthening student success.
  • Develop a communication strategy for sharing those examples broadly across the community college field.
  • Recommend to the Steering Committee plans for conducting sessions at AACC and other community college conferences around the aforementioned topics.
  • Recommend to the Steering Committee strategies for effectively working with boards of trustees as well as professional development for boards of trustees focused on student success.