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Grow-your-own or GYO programs focus on developing future college leaders from among the existing ranks of mid-level administrators and faculty.  These programs can be institutional-based or state-based.

Virginia Community Colleges Chancellor’s Leadership Academies. The Office of Professional Development provides two distinctive award-winning leadership academies to enhance the readiness of presidentially nominated professionals who are committed to advancing the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) mission. The Classified Staff Leadership Academy is designed to prepare VCCS staff members for increasing levels of leadership responsibility and the Faculty & Administrators Leadership Academy focuses on the developmental needs and readiness of rising faculty and current supervisors (deans and above) who aspire to senior leadership positions within the VCCS. Both academies include experientially-based learning seminars focusing on critically solving problems and leveraging opportunities relevant to Virginia’s community colleges. Academy curriculum targets skill development and career enhancement through behavioral assessments, case and scenario analysis, facilitated debate, feedback and action-planning.

Community College Leadership Academy. The Massachusetts Community College Leadership Academy (CCLA) provides an avenue through which community colleges can prepare their future leaders while supporting existing talent. Targeting a select group of community college personnel identified as having potential for senior leadership positions, the Academy will offer these Fellows a rigorous and supportive opportunity for leadership development and networking.  The Academy is sponsored by the community colleges in Massachusetts under the general supervision of the Presidents’ Council. The Academy will be offered in partnership with the School of Education at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, which will make graduate credit available. The Academy has also been endorsed by the New England College Council. 

Consortium Leadership and Renewal Academy (CLARA). The Consortium Leadership and Renewal Academy (CLARA) is a year-long regional leadership information, development, and renewal program created for the membership institutions of the North Texas Community College Consortium (NTCCC). It serves entry-level and mid-level administrators who desire to improve their leadership and management abilities, update their knowledge, upgrade their skills, broaden their perspectives, prepare themselves for administrative advancement, and renew their commitment to higher education in the community college. It is also designed for faculty members and others interested in exploring careers in administration. The Academy sponsor is North Texas Community College Consortium (NTCCC).

Leading from the Middle. Leading from the Middle is an Association sponsored program open to all Washington State Community and Technical College employees and is especially intended for those who are: new to a position of leadership; have never had training for an administrative role; making a transition from staff or faculty to administrative or exempt position or; are new to the Washington Community and Technical College System.  The sponsor for this program is The Association of Washington Community and Technical Colleges.

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