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    UPSC conducts various exams, but preparation of Civil Service Exam (CS Exam) is the most important. If you are rightly preparing for the UPSC IAS, you can pass the UPSC CS exam. According to UPSC data records, the candidates who pass the UPSC are 22 years to 28 years old. If you prepare for the UPSC after 10th, it will be very soon, you should prepare the UPSC after 12th. When you come to the final year of graduation, you are perfect to prepare for the UPSC. Make checklist of UPSC Syllabus UPSC has made the syllabus of civil services examination available on its official portal. You can download the syllabus of UPSC IAS exam from The Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2021 syllabus is solved as per your checklist. Once you cover a subject, mark it in a sheet.

    Make it a practice for every subject. In addition, you should cover the course extensively and solve every topic thoroughly. Knowledge of current status for UPSC When you prepare for the UPSC, you need to have knowledge of every field, so you need to be aware of the current affairs. Because current affairs play an important role in the UPSC exam, each candidate should have a habit of reading newspapers every day.

    You should also make a habit of paying attention to essential things. It should be noted that upsc preliminary examinations include a large number of questions from current affairs. Practice with previous year question papers When you practice with previous year question papers, you will know which topics are to be covered in depth. You will also know about low key topics. Try to solve at least ten years of previous paper to understand the paper pattern. This will also help you improve your time-management skills. Make multiple revision of UPSC Notes As you know, the syllabus of UPSC Preliminary Exam is vast and detailed. Always make small notes after studying each topic.

    You should also revise all the things you learn many times. To remember all the topics you’ve learned, many modifications will be required. Always remember practice makes a man perfect. Take care of negative marking in UPSC Candidates should keep in mind that upsc preliminary exam for each wrong answer is 1/2. The 3rd is the negative marking of the digit. The preliminary examination is a test of elimination. If you do not limit your negative marks you will be excluded from the competition.

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    You should pay attention to not marking the wrong answers. Solving mock tests will also help you limit your negative points. We hope the above tips will help you improve your UPSC exam preparation, stay consistent in your preparation and you will definitely pass the exam.

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