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    Are you thinking of renting your home? The real estate market is going through a positive period. The rental sector has undergone an increase in recent years and, if you have the opportunity, you can take advantage of this to enter the list of home owners who rent their property. Would you like some advice for choosing the furniture? Below is a short guide with some tips to customize your apartment. Find out how to best furnish it to make it welcoming to future tenants.1. Create a neutral environment . It is best to avoid too many colors and too many matches. The combination of strong shades in the long run tired. The middle way is to buy furniture and curtains in neutral tones, which can be easily combined with others over time, so as to easily modernize the house.

    2. Enhance the entrance . because it is the first environment that immediately catches the eye as soon as you enter the house. Pay attention to the details and finishes, preferring simplicity, so as to satisfy all types of visitors who decide to stay in your apartment.

    3. Embellish the walls with curtains . They have a double use: they protect furniture from the sun which, if made of wood, could be more easily ruined, are comfortable for those who live in the house and, last but not least, give an extra touch to the apartment.

    4. Do not use bulky furniture : overfilling furniture in areas of the house creates chaos. Even if the intent of the home owner is to offer spaces to store his or her belongings, in reality one risks the opposite effect. Consequently, it is better to choose a simple and medium-sized piece of furniture, which leaves enough space to walk inside the apartment.

    5. Opt for white walls , because white gives brightness to rooms. An excellent alternative, very popular in recent years, is to choose to paint a single wall with a pantone tending to light gray, leaving the other three walls of the room white. You will love the result!

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    6. Make the kitchen habitable . Both foreigners and Italians greatly appreciate the possibility of spending time in the kitchen, so structuring the house by creating a medium-sized kitchen is an excellent idea.

    7. Choose your linen carefully . The eye wants its part. If your offer also includes the supply of sheets and linen varies for the bathroom, choose them in colors combined with the walls and bedroom furniture and services.

    8. Yes to flowers and plants , because they contribute a lot to giving a positive impression of the house and make the rooms even more welcoming. Choose the more fragrant ones and combine them with the colors of the living and sleeping areas. Even the eye wants its part!

    9. Eye to order and cleanliness . Never underestimate the importance of periodic cleaning. This is the first detail that every tenant pays attention to. In this case, rely on reliable staff, of whom you are sure that it does its job properly.

    10. Use spaces intelligently . The main stores and almost all brands offer smart and space-saving solutions: from the classic built-in wardrobes to the open and close tables or the extendable ones. All these little tricks will help you recover spaces.

    11. Do you prefer parquet or similar . Choosing a good floor is essential, because it affects a lot from two points of view: in terms of cleanliness and visually. The parquet, despite requiring care and attention, is among the best and most appreciated by the renters. An equally valid alternative could be laminate. Instead, if you want to change gender and opt for traditional tiles: in pvc or ceramic. Prices vary and it is possible to choose from a wide range of products, for all tastes and budgets.

    12. Make the house bright . LED furnishings are a useful complement at the same time, also available in pendant version. Few are enough to give the living room a refined but always simple touch.

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