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    The time has come to redo your home renovation and you wonder how to choose THE professional that will perfectly suit your home renovation and your expectations?We understand you!

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    In addition to being a significant financial investment, the installation of a roof is a critical operation. Indeed, a quality work will prevent leaks and insulation problems, which could otherwise represent substantial expenses … and unforeseen! Inadequate installation could even void the manufacturer’s warranty!

    List of points to check to choose the ideal roofer for your home renovation!If you’re here to read our advice, it’s because you haven’t found your answers anywhere else or that the advice of those around you hasn’t fully convinced you.The references of your surroundings are a good place to start. However, it is always best to compare several professionals in order to find the best for YOUR home.

    But first, what is the right time in the year to renovate your home renovation?Spring and autumn are the two seasons recommended to replace its roof. The temperature is then high enough to activate the glue strips on the back of the shingles and allow optimal adhesion, without risking distortion. The cold could reduce the effectiveness of the shingle sticker strips, making the roof vulnerable to wind. To prevent this kind of problem, BP Canada has produced a cold-weather method of laying. This ensures that your new roof will hold up, regardless of the temperature.

    # List your needsTo find the professional GOOD for your home renovation, you need to know your expectations and needs. Then ask yourself the following questions:• What is your type of roof and the materials you want? Sloping or flat roof? Three-legged or architectural shingles? What color do you want? Etc.• What is your budget?• Where is your home located? Downtown or at the end of a hard-to-reach road?

    The answers to these questions can be used as the basis for your research criteria: necessary specialization, budget, equipment required…

    # Check the roofer’s recordsIn Quebec, for example, make sure the roofer is properly registered with government agencies. Some cities may even require additional licenses. This is particularly the case in Toronto. Check with the municipal authorities to find out exactly what’s going on with you.

    Such licenses may require a competency test to ensure knowledge of safety standards, project management or work performance. They can then protect you in case of poorly done work.

    # Check insuranceAsk for company liability insurance. Professional liability insurance must be valid for the duration of the work. Don’t hesitate to ask the contractor directly for the precautions they will take with regard to the property surrounding your home.

    4. Ask for quotes and compareOnce you have pre-selected, ask each successful contractor for a submission. In addition to allowing you to compare prices, this step will give you an overview of the quality of customer service as well as the products and services offered.Ask for a detailed list of the work that will be done. This way you will really be able to compare apples with apples!

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