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    In order to send newsletters, simply have the email address to get in touch. But the real challenge is getting a contact list and this doesn’t happen overnight.There are many people who buy contact lists however, if carefully analyzed there are many reasons to discourage this practice. On this page you’ll find out why you shouldn’t buy an address and what alternatives there are to get new customers.

    Advantagesā€¢ A list of contacts is immediately availableā€¢ You can suddenly gain a lot of contact attribute dataGone are the days when simple promotional emails reached click-through rates of 50%, but marketers keep repeating: "You have to be in the inbox to be a player!" ("You must be in your inbox to play the game").

    B2B email Lists

    When acustomer receives an email offer with a discount or promotion, which he then does not find on the company site,he loses confidence and esteem. The site is not only the ideal place to collect email addresses,it is also the perfect space to continue the conversation. But be careful not to disappoint expectations.

    Sterling marketing solutions is one of the leading Online Marketing company delivering customized B2B Database solutions to support your sales and marketing teams in the lead generation process.

    Sterling marketing solutions provides customized B2B email and mailing lists configured as per job functions, industry, geographic regions, demographics, size of the company.

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