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    You have that friend. If I have him, you’ve got him; if I’m offering this and it is being posted on the net, and you’re reading it, you already know the man I’m talking about. The graphics friend. He’s a fantastic guy. He’s into anime and Macs which is ever present if you want him-well, not when, but he’s around. See, your graphics friend can be your friend, and you are his. You do not always rate as top customer. This is exactly why, with regards to graphics, you must not, never, never rule out free clipart. If you do, you’re stuck on the friend’s timing. (And he’s always behind.)

    Your friend usually doesn’t benefit from you. If he did, you’d probably drop-kick his video game console at night time or something (he might be your roommate, in fact). That at least keeps him on his toes-or the sting of his rolling office seat-but he still lets your hard work slide behind one other work. He comes in first, his customers second, so you, uncle, come in third. You might think that free clipart is really a cop-out. If you’ve got the graphics friend, in the end, they can probably allow you to get some pretty sweet free graphics (or design them at the very least for reasonable). We’re here to say, though, that the friend-wonderful, potato-chip-consuming guy which he is-does not stop you from using free clipart as being a viable design tool.

    Free graphics ensure you get halfway as to what you need, be it to have an announcement, flier, or website. You’re keen on your friend, nevertheless, you do not have to wait on him. With free clip art just as one option for your design needs, you always have a stopgap measure. You actually may need that professional-looking site or flier, but you can at least fill space until your buddy pulls through. In the end, if you are willing to go ahead and take hit by subtracting a less-expensive professional design route out of your friend, free clipart will be the next, easy step down.

    And your friend discovers. Could he be considered a tiny bit hurt? Maybe. He might claim that this really is his first-time being late, he won’t ever be late again-well, that’s not a real big deal. You won’t need to argue it with him. Just explain. Simply tell him you’re not crediting the clip art to him, so that it won’t sully his reputation (and when you have carried out your work right, the free graphics you may have are great enough which he shouldn’t worry). Be sure he understands you’re just waiting and you needed something available. If he’s really worried about his art, it might speed him up; if he isn’t it will slow him down. In either case, using your free clipart, you’re set. You can let things run themselves and go join your buddy around the couch for potato chips and movies. In fact, he may not begin their work in your project in the near future.

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