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    WE ALL KNOW THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE GUILTY. BUT THEY ARE POLITICALLY AND LEGALLY UNTOUCHABLE. So why are we spending uncountable man hours and a whole bunch of money chasing the past??? I believe this is why America will not survive. We, as a nation, are never looking forward. That’s where the REAL PROBLEMS ARE. And the money wasted can be put to good use for Americans. We are a country that cannot let go of the past. Western Europe and Scandinavia are forward thinkers. They are working on solving real, current problems. But we are living a life of futility.

    I respect law enforcement and I have relatives who are currently law enforcement officers and 1 retired. It’s a mess and a shame that justice isn’t brought forward yet but I have faith in judicial system and justice will be brought against these officers involved in this horrifying incident. They overstepped their boundaries.



    What good does burning their own city down, looting and rioting, acting a fool and shooting at people, do for George Floyd or his family? None! Absolutely None! At this point, it’s just a good excuse for burning down the city, looting, rioting, acting …See More

    Chris Strite So u protest the unjust killing of a innocent man by killing another innocent person? Makes so much sense! The cops need prosecuted for there actions and all the people that destroyed property and responsible for killing other innocent people during riot should also be held accountable!.

    Beckey Durbin There is a difference between protesting and rioting. Please tell me how destroying your city, buildings. And shops ran by everyday Joe’s is helping the cause to get the justice Mr. Floyd and his family deserve

    What is missing in this world we live in ….is RESPECT for each other. It is about right and wrong …not black or white or cop vs citizen. It needs to be Respect , love of GOD and mankind. RIOTS wont help justice needs to be done and we the people need to regroup and ask ourselves what is important. Life has changed for the last few months, it is not going to be fun going forward but I know deep in my heart we all want what is right. Once a person is subdued no one has the right to knee hold another person’s neck. NO cop is above the law. The institution needs to look at themselves and investigate all cops who violate and who abuse power.

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    Why the hesitation still – on arresting the two officers in the footage ?

    One choking and cutting off blood circulation with his knee – on the man’s neck – while the other one just stood there looking around and ignoring the man’s plea for help screaming "I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe" until he – stopped breathing.

    But it is in NO WAY – ANY excuse for the idiots of that looted and burned up businesses, destroying property, ect etc.

    All they did was cost people their jobs that was the source to feed and take care of their families.

    That is saddening..

    I’m thankful for this action. This needs to be fully investigated and these officers need to be charged and tried for those crimes and punished if found guilty. If an officer is out of control it is on another officer to prevent his actions. This did not happen-there are multiple officers responsible.

    It’s always so heart breaking to see such news and What happened to George Floyd was wrong, I believe his death could have been prevented… My heart goes out to his family…

    But I also feel sad for the vast majority of good cops who now have to deal with the aftermath of this incident. This uniform is toughest to wear; most who wear it & do their jobs right on daily basis don’t get appreciated enough for it but always get blamed for the actions of few that don’t deserve it…

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    Totally was wrong what happened to the victim by the police officer… But now what these citizens of Minneapolis are doing is just as criminal. I’m starting to believe that the problem in Minneapolis may not be the police department but the attitudes of the residence… Just because you do not like the law does not allow you to break the law. Normal people don’t go around looting stores starting fires and causing chaos… They are criminals and should be treated as such.

    They are just using this as an excuse to loot and destroy.

    They didn’t even know the guy murdered by those cops.

    What the hell does destroying your community do?

    The people who really care about him will get justice. Those policemen went to far and it’s on tape.

    What happened to this man was a crime, but rioting and lawlessness isn’t going to fix anything, sad fact is they think its their right to destroy and use this poor man as an excuse to commit crimes against innocent people who had nothing to do with it.

    Cindy Thompson Outrage,disgust,pain and sadness over the death of Mr. Floyd is what I and many others are feeling. The violence against innocents is not okay,justified, or right in any way. Protest yes. Make justice prevail with your voice,service and prayer. STOP being the reason that ignorant people do not look or listen and racism prevails!!!

    Herbert Wilson So I guess the lock downs are over in MN? So does this also mean these folk will demand Mail in Voting?

    On the matter at hand and, if the officers acted wrongly there should be an accounting. Also in this age of instant coverage what required the action taken? I do not know.

    It is also telling that violent protests prompts action while protests without violence (even with arms present) gets little action.

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