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    If Only I Had Gone To College Thirty Years Ago!

    It’s so hard trying to get across to my kids, the power that comes with a good education and a good paying job. I worked at a post office when I was twenty-one until twenty-eight. I then began having and raising my three kids.

    It seems that money is quite beneficial in many areas. A nice car, a nice home, furniture and accessories, food, mortgage, insurance, clothes. Everything costs money. I try to get that across to my kids. I try to explain to my two sons what their responsibilities will be if they decide to marry and have a family. In order to have something later, you need to invest in yourself, study, and not sit in lectures and order work in professional essay writing services, as most students do. There is nothing wrong with working at McDonald’s, or the 7-Eleven. You have to work long, hard hours at both, but they simply don’t pay well. I guess it depends on what one wants out of life. Do you want a nice car and a nice home, and computers and games for your kids? Nice furniture, clothes, and not worry about how you are going to pay for your rent or mortgage? My mom used to say everything worth having is worth working for.
    I’m going through a divorce. Eerie. Terrible. Nerve edema. Depressing. If I listened to my parents when they tried to hint at me as a teenager. (When do children listen to me?) Get a good education so you can provide for yourself. I didn’t go a day after graduation. So I sit without money. What if I listened to my parents, went to college, studied hard, instead of ordering ready-made work in a homeworkforyou review, and had a good career? Maybe then I wouldn’t be so vulnerable right now. I thought it’s best for my kids to be a stay at home mom. And I believe it was. However, there’s no money in the hardest job in the world.

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