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    Pregnant Sex Dolls provide a broad overview spanning from historic Greek myths to up to date web-based surveys, and spanning from the psychoanalyst’s office to the robotics lab. We hope that our prioritization of disciplinary width over depth will encourage this collaboration. However, we are aware of the risks and limitations of simplification. Surprisingly, the sex robotic literature falls quick in conceptualizing and investigating interactions and relationships between people and present sex robots in a psychologically nuanced means.

    The heterosexual males were not able to create relationships with actual women and hence settled with dolls. However, a queer studying of the documentary can also be potential, as the approach to life of a doll lover permits men to express their sexualities in another way.

    Sex robots could be cherished and desired by humans, notably by digisexuals or technophilics, exactly due to their basic otherness . As people can bond with sex dolls, it is even simpler for them to kind significant emotional attachments with interactive sex robots . The British Broadcasting Corporation documentary Guys and Dolls portrays 4 men dwelling with their female sex dolls. As media analysis reveals , the documentary explains the doll house owners’ unusual lifestyle because of their heteronormative shortcomings.

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    Thus far, no empirical study has investigated experienced sex robotic customers or interactions of unexperienced members with precise sex robots. Results from research on sex doll use are, therefore, the most effective available proxy for sex robotic use. Regarding the potential market measurement and consumer inhabitants, there are also no knowledge out there that allow for sound predictions. One might speculate that sex robots may overcome some of the stigmatization of sex dolls as sex robots can be framed as leading edge, excessive-tech products.

    Thus, their customers may seem more trendy, future oriented, and competent as compared with conventional sex doll house owners. Against this backdrop, one would count on extra progress for the sex robot market than for the sex doll market, but knowledge are needed. To further discover the sexual enchantment of robots, insights from research on objectophilia and technofetishism could be useful. Possibilities could be sex robots as synthetic animals , as fantasy creatures, or as interfaces to different kinds of sexual leisure expertise .

    In the context of doll care, a wide range of female connotated sensual actions are legitimized and carried out (eg, washing, drying, powdering, dressing, and putting make-up on the doll). Thus, the documentary unintentionally illustrates that the doll proprietor identity may also be read as a queer sexual identification .

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