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    Theobromine Powder You know, since he redeemed it from the Ford Troupe, he has never given it a smile that belongs to it. Yes, it’s a slave. “Zhang Yimei’s soul spoke with some stumbling back to hold Qian Gongzi’s hand.” It’s really a slave, yes, Qian Gongzi! ” “That’s really great!” Qian Gongzi looked at Zhang Yaomei with shining eyes and said, “Since you left, I have always regretted why I was so cruel to you.” As he spoke, he fought back the hatred in his heart and gently pulled Zhang Yimei’s hand, trying to hold it in his arms. Especially when I think of the child you once conceived for me, my heart is like a knife. You said, you said how could I be so bad at that time. The bad ones won’t even let you have a baby! Qian Childe Zhang Yimei was a little dizzy and snuggled into Qian Childe’s arms. “It doesn’t matter, Qian Childe, the slave doesn’t blame you. The slave has long known that you have a true feeling for me. It’s just because of your wife that he reluctantly made a look of indifference to the slave..” If it weren’t for that, you wouldn’t.. Not when you’re drunk. Zhang Yimei peeked at Qian Gongzi with a red face. “That’s for me!” “Yes,Sex Enhancement Powder, yes, Miss Zhang, it’s true.” Qian Gongzi resisted the impulse to vomit and continued to look at the snake, scorpion and ghost in his arms affectionately. “It was because I suddenly lost you that I suddenly realized that you were so important to me! Zhang No, youngest sister, I am really too sorry for you,Theobromine Powder, too sorry for our children! “Mr. Qian!” Zhang Yimei, who had never dreamed that she could hear such a sentence one day, almost burst into tears with excitement! If it were still alive. Mr. Qian, Nu Nu really doesn’t blame you! Nu Nu can hear such a sentence from your mouth, has been satisfied! “What a silly girl, you are satisfied, but I can’t sit back and watch you go on being wronged!” Qian Gongzi grasped Zhang Yimei’s shoulder forcefully and said with a force that almost crushed her shoulder, “Yimei!”! Come home with me! I want to marry you! I want to marry you to be someone’s wife for my money! Zhang Yimei gasped, “Money.” Mr. Qian, what did you say? You said you were going to.. You’re going to marry.. Marry a slave?! “Yes!”! I want to marry you! I want to give you endless splendor and wealth, and I want you to be the young lady of our money family! I want all the people in Xinhua County to look at you with new eyes! Qian Gongzi held back the diaphragm and excitement in his heart and said word by word. What he answered was that he still needed to make a false appointment with Zhang Yaomei. As long as Zhang Yaomei nodded, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Thyroid Powder Factory, he could coax it out of his son’s consciousness smoothly according to the method taught by the little fairy! Zhang Yaomei, who didn’t know what Qian Gongzi was thinking now, was so excited that she almost didn’t faint to death! After all, what Qian Gongzi is promising now is exactly what he has been longing for and dreaming of for many years! Almost without thinking, she was about to open her mouth and say yes, but after a moment of slight opening of her lips, which were dyed very red by the lip paper, she first thought of something and suddenly made a straight line. Mr. Qian, are you deliberately fooling the slave? It glared at him with sobs! Childe Qian’s heart reflexively missed a beat. He managed to hide the feeling of panic in his heart, and continued to look at Zhang Yimei with a look full of tenderness and grievance: “Fooling?”? Younger sister, what are you talking about? How can I fool you? Zhang Yimei was a little guilty and a little angry by Qian Gongzi. He beeped his red lips and asked with some exasperation, “Well, if you hadn’t deliberately fooled the slave, how could you have said that you wanted to marry the slave?”? You, you know that the slave has. He’s dead! Zhang Yimei looked at Qian Gongzi’s plaintive complaint with pain in her eyes. Its heart has reflexively emerged a bit of confusion. Yeah, it’s dead. But how did it die? Do you want to hang yourself? Or was he crushed to death by a house? “Yes, you are dead!” Quietly relieved, Qian Gongzi echoed Zhang Yimei’s words, “Of course I know you’re dead, so.” That’s why I want to marry you! Youngest sister! You are infatuated with me, but I have given you away mercilessly. Therefore, I will marry you in any case. I will bury you in a beautiful way in any case. I will let you enter the ancestral graves of my Qian family and accept the incense of my Qian family’s descendants. Zhang Yimei was shocked by Qian Gongzi’s words. Mr. Qian, are you, are you sincere? Do you really want to marry Nu Nu? Do you really want Nu Nu to enter your ancestral grave? “If I were not sincere, how could I pray to God and worship Buddha everywhere just to find your trace, and how could I insist on meeting you again in the way of soul out of body despite everyone’s dissuasion?!” Qian Gongzi hugged Zhang Yimei into his arms again. “Yimei, come with me!”! Come back with me! I can’t live without you “Mr. Qian.” Childe Qian. Zhang Yimei sobbed in her throat and called Qian Gongzi’s words. “To hear you say that, it’s worth it for the slave to be scared out of his wits now, but why did you cheat the slave?” Zhang Yimei’s fingernails, whose eyes suddenly became strange and unusual, became longer and sharper little by little. Why did you cheat Nu Nu for your son? Although the slave is only the last remnant soul left by the body, he also knows. The slave is fighting for the risk of being completely scared out of his wits and getting into this young sea of consciousness in order to. Zhang Yimei opened her red lips and bit Qian Gongzi’s ear. “It’s to make Qian Gongzi break, son, absolutely, grandson!” Zhang Yao-mei’s words,D BHB Factory, which were somewhat playful and ferocious, made Qian Childe feel as if he had been immersed in ice water in a short moment, and the chill was eroding his bones!.

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