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    Novel– Let Me Game in Peace – Let Me Game in Peace

    Chapter 970 – Galaxy Shell Dragon cross imported

    Const.i.tution: 81

    After leaving the Deathwater Region, Li Xuan and Ya’er were still anticipating him outside the house. The three ones persisted on his or her quest.

    As soon as the two turned up at the beach, the shrimp troops and crab generals got these phones the Dragon Palace.

    “Infinite Destination where Dragon Granny life is relatively nearby the coast. Let’s go back now. Down the road, I’ll secretly sneak nearly Unlimited Area and check out the circumstance 1st.� Zhou Wen didn’t dare be foolhardy.

    The standard dimensional creatures couldn’t injure or hurt the armour in any way.

    “Alright.� Zhou Wen didn’t believe that it may well throw away many hours, so that they needed a detour to Water G.o.d Reef.

    A clear light blue armour that s.h.i.+mmered with nebulous starlight made an appearance on Zhou Wen’s system, securely enveloping him. It highlighted his thinner and muscle shape, doing him appear to be a G.o.d in the middle of starlight.

    Dismissing its security, just the look of the armor is much greater than the Dragon Range Armor.

    Zhou Wen investigated its statistics and capabilities and was very interested in learning the complete Security potential. He got previously viewed Tyrant Behemoth’s Overall Energy among the Definite series for Wheels of Fate.

    “We’ve already eliminated five dragon monarchs. Now, only Dragon Granny remains to be. We didn’t rashly head over because we were terrified of encountering the Seven Seas Dragon California king at Dragon Granny’s put,� Zhou Wen explained.

    The ground during the cabin immediately froze. Also, the frost was rapidly growing through the cabin. The coldness on the teeth was as well extreme.

    Const.i.tution: 81

    Miya shook her head. “It’s not coming from the Seven Seas Dragon Master. I been told there had been a real dragon within the Seven Dragons Ocean firstly. Following the Seven Seas Dragon California king emerged, he destroyed that real dragon and became ruler of your Seven Dragons Seas. Having said that, these are definitely only legends. I didn’t think it in the beginning, the good news is i always see this teeth, I believe it just a little. That is clearly a dragon’s teeth following its Terror modification. In any other case, it might be extremely hard for so that it is preserved. In the whole Seven Dragons Sea, aside from the Seven Seas Dragon California king, simply a famous true dragon can achieve the Terror quality. Moreover, depending on legend, it’s an an ice pack-elemental real dragon.�

    raemaekers’ cartoon history of the war of 181

    A translucent azure armor that s.h.i.+mmered with nebulous starlight shown up on Zhou Wen’s body, tightly enveloping him. It accentuated his thinner and muscle body, doing him appear to be a G.o.d encompassed by starlight.


    “Alright.� Zhou Wen didn’t assume that it is going to throw away enough time, so they really got a detour to Sea G.o.d Reef.

    A see through blue armor that s.h.i.+mmered with nebulous starlight sprang out on Zhou Wen’s body, snugly enveloping him. It accentuated his slim and muscle physique, producing him appear like a G.o.d enclosed by starlight.

    Zhou Wen was delighted since he hurriedly selected it up. Then, he applied the strange cell phone to see its information.

    “Infinite Destination where Dragon Granny day-to-day lives is pretty near to the shoreline. Let’s head back now. Afterwards, I’ll secretly sneak close to Infinite Island and look into your situation 1st.� Zhou Wen didn’t dare be careless.

    Chapter 970: Galaxy Sh.e.l.l Dragon

    “I discovered another size. Each of the dragon monarchs share the same materials. I’m thinking if Miya has similar to that,� Zhou Wen reported.

    “This is… Dragon King’s Teeth?� Miya size it up for quite a while just before her manifestation gradually evolved into amaze.

    The Galaxy Sh.e.l.l Dragon actually had 1 stat arrive at 81. This meant it possessed damaged through its boundaries within a specific factor. It was actually regarded as a very good-standard Mythical Associate Monster.

    Zhou Wen viewed its stats and ability and was very interested in learning the Absolute Security power. He experienced previously found Tyrant Behemoth’s Complete Durability within the Complete collection for Wheels of Fate.

    Power: 80

    Zhou Wen was excited while he hurriedly picked out it up. Then, he employed the strange cellphone to see its info.

    Miya shook her go and said, “Perhaps, but I’ve never seen it well before. The Dragon Palace in Ocean G.o.d Reef wasn’t listed here originally. Through the battle between my father and also the Seven Seas Dragon California king, the initial Dragon Palace was wiped out, and so i transported here. When you are curious, I could help you get for the genuine Dragon Palace.�

    Heart and soul Vitality: 80

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