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    The woman inside the tent was a master at sales. She was warm and genuine. She loved what she did. She had created many display pieces including Bart Simpson’s entire family tree written on grains of rice and mounted to a cardboard tree.

    Here is a charm necklace with a heart pendant hanging on a rolo chain. Make this necklace more special by having the pendant engraved with your wife’s name or initials. There is also a matching bracelet for this necklace. This suits your wife if you want to make her feel and look younger.

    Then, because it was rice, I went to a Chinese restaurant and got a take-out container and had them fill it with fortune cookies. I draped the necklace over the cookies and sealed it up.

    Daddy tags
    personalized necklace is a perfect gift item for a dad or dad-to-be. These pieces are made with .999 silver. You can inscribe the name of the mom and dad on the 1st tag and on the other tag, you can inscribe the name of the child.

    If you’re like the rest of the working world, then Mondays for you are usually all business. And that means "busy!" For busy, stressful Mondays you’ll want to keep your attire simple and comfortable. Many ladies in the workforce are tempted to wear something very "business-like" on Mondays to make up for a weekend of slouchy clothing. Unfortunately, this makes for a miserable Monday! Wear flexible, simple clothing and simple jewelry such as a pair of short earrings and one simple necklace. You might even wear a couple of small, flat rings, but nothing that stands out – or sticks out!

    Name Necklace Just like today people are doing something a lot more significant than letting other people know who they are. When you wear your name on a necklace you are making a statement about yourself. You are letting the world know that you are proud to be who you are. That’s a great thing!

    There are a lot of styles to choose, from the style of chain, the kind of pendant to use, and the lettering style. A mother and child necklace will look great with a lot of charms in it. There are necklaces that have round charms, oval, square, and bar style. Or you can also opt for different shapes of charms in one chain. The pendant will make the chain more attractive, some pendants have birthstones which are embedded right into it, or others are just attached above or below the charm. A pearl accent will make the necklace look glamorous and elegant.

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