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    pipe cantilever rack “Don’t worry, Gong Shuhong is hiding, but this is his lair.”. There are only more than twenty Red Moon Cities, and we can always find some clues when we look for them one by one. Next, go to the Red Moon City in Zangzhou. Jiao Ba said and turned to leave. Jiao Ba Daoyou, wait a minute. I may have found some clues about the location of the Lord of the Red Moon Island. A voice suddenly sounded, but it was Han Li. Hearing this, everyone was startled and looked at Han Li. Really, what’s the clue? Jiao Jiu was delighted and asked hurriedly. Han Li bent his fingers, and a piece of water emerged, condensing into a water mirror, on which a pattern emerged. Please look at it. Han Li said. Everyone’s eyes fell on the water mirror, which was a map of the island, similar to the map of the Red Moon Island that Jiao Ba had shown everyone before, but more detailed. Isn’t this the map that Jiao Ba Daoyou added earlier? We’ve already seen it. Jiao 25 snorted and said with some disdain. Doubts also appeared in the eyes of others. Eh! “Eh!” At that moment, two sounds of light Yi came out, but they came from Jiao Ba and Jiao Jiu. Fairy World Chapter will be officially launched tomorrow! Taoist friends, the monthly ticket recommendation ticket is supported!) Comments on the shelf It will finally hit the shelves tomorrow ^ ^!!! Mortal Immortal Realm is the fourth novel of Forgotten Words, with a plan of more than 4 million words. The whole novel continues the plot of Mortal Xiuxian Biography, and there are many new ideas in it. This book has received strong support from many Taoist friends since it was uploaded to the website. Among them, there are not only old book friends who have followed the novel for seven or eight years, but also new readers who have only known ordinary people for a few months, but no matter what kind of readers are the most precious wealth in the life of the novel! Ha ha, too many touching words, forget the language will not say more. I hope you can subscribe and vote more and support the original version after the Fairy World Chapter is put on the shelves. In particular, monthly tickets and recommendation tickets are very important for more readers to know the existence of new books! In addition, tomorrow will be the third watch, tonight after 12 o’clock, will first put on the first watch, then you can subscribe and start voting oh! I sincerely hope that the book of mortals will become an eternal classic in everyone’s mind! Return to the fairy world Chapter 111 the chosen one. (First watch on the shelf ^ ^) “It seems that the two Taoist friends have also noticed that there seems to be no problem with the previous map, but the map does not show the rivers on the island, because the maps sold publicly in the city do not have these water flow signs.”. And along the way, we have met many big rivers of the Yangtze River, and I have marked them. Han Li smiled and said. When the others heard this, they looked thoughtfully at the map again. Sure enough, as Han Li said, although the map is detailed, pipe cantilever rack , there are very few rivers, and even if there are, there are only some small rivers. Everyone’s previous eyes were attracted by those cities, but they did not notice this. Every time I went to a city these days, I collected some information about the geographical environment of the island, especially some ancient maps, and finally found some information about the rivers. Han Li said, pointing out. The light flashed on the water mirror, and big rivers emerged in some areas of the map. This is The crowd looked at the water mirror and their faces changed. Because the time is short, I have collected only these water vein data, the so-called peep a spot and know the whole leopard. You should also find that the Red Moon City we passed, as well as some big cities, are located near the major water veins, which we have seen personally these days, which also proves this point. Han Li explained slowly. Others recalled several cities they had visited before, and indeed each of them was near a river or lake, as was the Red Moon City where they were at the moment. This is nothing, close to the river, transportation is naturally much more convenient. Not only Hongyue Island, but also the cities of other islands are mostly considered to be built near rivers. Jiao Shisan said. Be that as it may, I have just learned from a shopkeeper in this city who sells books and records that it is strictly forbidden to draw the direction of the main water veins on the map of any books and records on the island. And this order was given by the Lord himself, that is, the public Hong, who was obviously hiding something. Han Li continued. This Jiao Shisan’s breath stagnated. Although I don’t know why the owner of Red Moon Island did this, from the distribution of these rivers that have been mapped out, the place where all the water veins meet is here. Han Li pointed to a city on the map. There is the Red Moon City of Kunzhou. These are all speculations. Can you be sure that Gong Shuhong is there? Jiao 25 also questioned. I’m not sure, but it’s better to go here first than to look for it aimlessly. It’s always more likely. Han Li said slowly. Jiao 25 moved his lips, as if he wanted to refute two sentences, but he could not find the words to refute them. That makes sense! Thanks to you for discovering this, otherwise we would still be at a loss. Jiao Jiu laughed and clapped his hands. After acting hand in hand, he always had a feeling of being pressed by Jiao Ba, but now he finally felt proud and elated, and felt much more comfortable. Yes, if you really look for the more than twenty Red Moon Cities, when the time comes, the public will get the news early and hide somewhere! Jiao 16 also said with some complacency. You two flatter me. I just found it by chance. Han Li smiled modestly. Jiao Shiwudaoyou’s inference is very reasonable. Then let’s go to Kunzhou. Jiao eight slightly after a silence, also then hey hey a smile way. One night a few days later. In the middle of the Red Moon Island, over a broad plain, two thick rays of light pierced the night sky and landed on the edge of a forest below. The light gathered, showing two different shapes of the flying boat, above the six or seven figures down, one by one wearing strange animal masks, it is Han Li and others.

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