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    The purpose of critically analyzing research papers
    Understanding the objective of an assignment is very important while preparing research papers. It won’t help you much even if you learn how to critically analyze research papers, if you are not aware of what the objective of the study is. There are various purposes which are expected to be fulfilled by a critical analysis paper. It gives the students:
    • A thorough understanding of the topic.
    • A good idea of the difficulties which they might face while researching on that topic or other similar topics.
    • A chance to learn from the mistakes made by others.
    • First-hand experience in evaluating someone else’s works to judge its credibility and reliability.
    Understanding how to critically analyze a research paper
    There are various aspects to be taken into consideration while analyzing a paper critically.
    • Do not try to make do with one reading. It is someone else’s idea and work. You will not be able to grasp its essence through a single reading.
    • Do the analysis in parts to ensure that you have not accidentally left out any of the vital components or elements.
    • Do not talk only about the negative points in the paper. It will make you look prejudiced. There should be a reasonable balance of positive and negative points.
    • All that you don’t agree with need not be wrong. Hence, remember to specify whether the points you point out are those which you disagree with or which you are sure to be incorrect.
    • You must analyze the formatting and writing style as well. Stick to formal language and do not be rude in your comments. Remember that you are also writing a research paper.
    • Consider whether the research paper you are analyzing was developed from an outline or not. If you are not capable of judging whether an outline for research paper was used or not, you may take help from someone who is knowledgeable about it. You can use it as a decisive factor to comment on the research paper or term paper format applied and the quality of presentation.