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    Several years ago a man was hiking in Big Bend National Park. The guy had started out wearing a turtleneck pullover and it had turned into a warm day. As he was hiking down a hill he heard a rattle and looked up as a rattlesnake sitting on a rock above him struck.

    As the relationship developed the executive wanted the house cleaning business to bid on cleaning and buffing the floors of supermarket stores. Talk about small business growth. To the owner this was the chance of a lifetime.

    It doesn’t matter how amazing you are: you will make slips. I don’t think there is anyone that started a home business without setbacks. Of course it’s not easy to take care of setbacks and failure. But please, continue with what you are doing and learn from your mistakes.
    한인커뮤니티 get frustrated, insecure or unmotivated when things are not going according to plan. This is a shame because making mistakes will benefit your house business in the end.

    You may want to create a script or checklist for each job, sale, or business day to assist you remember these measures. Office supply stores have standard pads of quote sheets and other forms that will document the trade. Role-playing or practicing with a buddy can help soothe nerves about promoting yourself when you are first getting started.

    When you are looking at business growth the first question you need to ask is does is match with what I am already doing? The grass and the money may look greener on the other side. However, getting to the other side may force you into an abyss you will never crawl out of.

    The scripture also says, "Give to others, and God will give to you. Indeed, you will succes business be given a full measure, a generous helping, pourd into your hands – all that you can hold. The measure you use for others is the one that God will use for you "(Luke 6 : 38 GNV).

    I have a friend who is a Principal at a school. She has chosen to take part in the retirement path to a lifestyle she’d like to have. She seems love what she does in a very deep level. While she doesn’t like every part of it, it’s extremely clear to me that God made her with the desire to make a difference and she does. She also knows that it is not about making everyone happy, or having everyone like her. She’s clearly working from a place of purpose and differences she’s made could not possibly be measured. For some, possibly her, the final objective of the security and time freedom that includes a retirement plan can almost fade from consciousness as a love for being a part of something important and working from passion takes precedence.

    Decision making is a roadblock for many small business owners simply because they have not got the education and have not modeled experts to make it easier for themselves. So they do nothing. Or worst still, they make decisions based on their’gut feelings’ or based on bad advice from people who are equally as ignorant on the issue.

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