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    kisah cinta kim seok jin dan myoui minas

    Chapter 1754 – Making great efforts care roasted

    № Hamster mentioned, “31st problem.”

    The Crusade of the Excelsior

    Music Shuhang still hadn’t obtained a particular issue proper.

    “Another day time of joy and tranquility.” Older person Scarlet Heaven Sword fell about the bed furniture, located the place having a broad view, and watched case silently.

    Within the next instant, the spinning quickness of your hamster tire elevated by another amount.

    His mind had already increased!

    Woman Onion responded, “Hm, I am planning on my entire life.”

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    Whenever the 50 inquiries were over…

    At the area, Young lady Onion was motionless. It was unfamiliar that which was on her intellect.

    In the hamster wheel, № Hamster’s speech sounded. “This was this kind of simple query, and you still got it improper?”

    So dumb, Tune Shuhang can’t even remedy a particular query perfect!

    Woman Onion quietly touched her onion sprouts—as envisioned of a older person, he was especially trusted at crucial situations.

    In terms of abilities, she possessed over 200 exceptional models. For example… the ❮200 Must-have Abilities for the Beast Nature to Survive❯.

    Several or eight a matter of minutes later…

    As he is at thought, № Hamster during the Divinity Present continued, “Although one can find 8 varieties of psychic power episodes, all in all, there are certainly only two primary offensive forms—the direct as well as the indirect clairvoyant strength infiltration. The 8 widespread offensive develops are typically launched on these forms. Also, there are numerous particular psychic vitality conditions, nevertheless in general, they can be summarized into three basic offensive styles. Therefore, there are a total of five types of fundamental offensive kinds which const.i.tute the foundations of psychic electricity problems.”

    “…” Tune Shuhang.

    “Unfortunately, no. In the Netherworld World, we don’t have things such as numerous-decision questions,” № Hamster claimed. “I tried out my far better to inquire you the simple questions 1st. I didn’t anticipate you to definitely be unable to reply to just a solitary concern appropriately.”

    Right after the 40th concern, Piece of music Shuhang, who had been dizzy and nauseous, last but not least have two problems right.

    When he is in thought, № Hamster from the Divinity Show ongoing, “Although there are actually seven forms of psychic vigor episodes, overall, one can find only two primary offensive forms—the immediate as well as indirect clairvoyant strength assault. The seven common offensive styles are typically built on these two varieties. Furthermore, there are numerous special psychic strength problems, however in general, they may be summarized into three essential offensive styles. Because of this, there are a complete of five types of simple offensive develops which const.i.tute the foundations of psychic strength attacks.”

    “???” Track Shuhang.

    Tune Shuhang set over the wheel such as a salted fish, having the tire twist him around frantically. Moreover, Fairy @#%× stretched her snake tail out, and stuck towards the wheel.

    Death at the Excelsior, and Other Stories

    Scarlet Heaven Sword required curiously, “Little Woman Onion, you are absolutely free, why don’t you seem to be delighted?”

    Fairy Formation shouted, “Stupid, foolish!!”

    № Hamster’s dignified speech sounded. “Next, Query multitude 21.”

    When № Hamster inquired the twentieth question, Piece of music Shuhang was already in lose heart.

    7 or eight minutes later…

    In the meantime, Track Shuhang centered on undertaking a couple of things at the same time, watching the demonic hamster’s speech though doing sightless guesses when resolving the questions.

    Melody Shuhang explained, “Blegh~ I am planning to vomit… Are you able to i want to out now?”

    He obtained the sensation that his the fear of large speeds and fast rotations was returning to becoming a major problem.

    Music Shuhang place on the tire similar to a salted fish, making the tire spin and rewrite him around frantically. Likewise, Fairy @#%× stretched her snake tail out, and trapped for the tire.

    Over the top with the 25th

    Girl Onion inquired, “Is it a lot more valuable as opposed to ‘Saber-Nurturing Technique’?”

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    “Then let’s replace the order!” Track Shuhang shouted. “Ask challenging concerns 1st since I don’t are aware of the answer in any event. Furthermore, I will use the period to listen for the ‘speech broadcast’ and catch up. Such as this, I must be able to solution several of the simple questions.”

    № Hamster acquired required ten inquiries, and for that reason far… Melody Shuhang got not clarified a particular one appropriately. The speed in the hamster tire was already within the 10th items, supposedly without minimize.

    Scarlet Heaven Sword expected curiously, “Little Lady Onion, you’re free of charge, do you know why don’t you appear to be satisfied?”

    “Hurry up and request me the problem,” Song Shuhang explained tremblingly—whether or otherwise not his response was ideal didn’t make any difference ever again. Now, he just want to quickly finish off the 50 concerns, and get rid of this hamster tire.

    Woman Onion silently touched her onion sprouts—as predicted of your older person, he was especially trusted at critical situations.

    Elderly Scarlet Heaven Sword explained, “These are two various things, and I can offer either.”

    № Hamster’s speech sounded. “This wraps up the test.”

    The speed with the tire was already during the hopelessness-inducing level.

    She was caught within the gap between rails of your hamster wheel. Her human body rapidly rotated while using operating wheel, her sound filled with unwillingness as she shouted.

    His mind possessed already increased!

    “Unfortunately, no. In the Netherworld World, we don’t have items like many-preference questions,” № Hamster explained. “I tried my far better to inquire you the simple questions initially. I didn’t be expecting someone to be unable to respond to even a one query the right way.”

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