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Pew: College Is Expensive, but Not Going Is Even More Costly

A college education is expensive — increasingly so, thanks in large part to recent budget cuts. But you know what’s more costly than the rising cost of higher education? Not going to college at all. That’s what the authors of a new Pew Research report posit, anyway. Here’s a look at several key findings, as […]

Fund Colleges According to Pass Rates, Not Enrollments?

The time may be coming for Wyoming community colleges to prove it or lose it. Committed to improving completion rates across its network of seven community colleges, the Wyoming Community College Commission has proposed a program that would allocate a portion of state funds based on the number of students who successfully pass college courses. […]

$150 Million Federal Grant Aims to Help Long-Term Unemployed

The economy is improving. Across the country, jobless rates are down and hiring is on the rise. But one group of workers is finding it harder to break back into the job market: the long-term unemployed. In an effort to help people kept out of work by the down economy, President Obama recently announced a […]