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Keeping students on course over the summer

Federal data indicate that Minnesota in 2014 ranked last in four-year graduation rates for Latino and American Indian students, second to last for African-American students and near the bottom for low-income students. To help address this challenge in the state, Hennepin Technical College’s federally funded TRIO program — which I oversee at the college — […]

Adding up to success

Last June, we featured a post about Butler Community College’s new math modules. The Kansas college broke up math classes into three modules within a 16-week timeframe. The math modules launched in the fall, and the first-semester results are in. Read on for an update on the program. Butler’s revolutionary approach to breaking up math […]

A win for the student, a win for the county

A win-win program: that’s how success coach Tanya Osbia describes Apprenticeship 321 at Gaston College in North Carolina. This flexible training program marries education and work experience in a meaningful way, as the college and local manufacturers work together to cultivate highly skilled workers. In the Apprenticeship 321 program, apprentices receive job-specific training and tuition-free […]

The new majority

In the community college sector, it’s no secret that the “nontraditional” student is the “traditional” student. Those enrolling tend to be a little older with more responsibilities — jobs, families, etc. A new report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) reveals that those nontraditional students now make up the majority of all postsecondary […]

Report roundup

Here are the reports you should know about this month. Over the past three years, a group of 19 community colleges in four states has been testing various strategies to keep low-income students in school, from offering guidance on managing their personal finances and providing referrals for basic needs such as housing, to academic and […]

Making valuable connections

Great teams know that having a seasoned coach can help them win. That’s the basic idea behind Mentor-Connect, a National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded grant-writing and leadership development initiative. To help navigate NSF’s proposal requirements for its Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program, Mentor-Connect provides each college team with a mentor for nine months and a plethora […]

Designing impactful ESL offerings

When immigrants arrive in the U.S. and look for work, they must learn new culture and workplace norms. Many also need assistance with their language skills. Northern Virginia Community College’s Office of Workforce Development—known as NOVA Workforce—supports these students, as well as international students, through its American Culture and Language Institute (ACLI). ACLI has three […]

Report roundup

Here are the reports you should know about this month. The use of strategic data can help “promote upward mobility, strengthen the middle class, foster shared economic growth, and enable Americans of all backgrounds to understand and cooperate with one another to solve our toughest public challenges,” assert the authors of two new reports from […]

A homegrown approach to student success

Here in the Appalachian Mountains, we value independence. It’s our greatest strength and our greatest weakness. It’s a weakness when it means that we are disinclined to ask for help when we clearly need it. It’s a strength when it means that we create our own homegrown solutions to our student success challenges rather than […]

Pathways for the undecided

Building clear pathways for students has been a focus of many community colleges for the past few years. The American Association of Community Colleges’ Pathways Project and Pathways 2.0 involve more than 40 colleges. State systems, such as in California, are creating pathways programs, as well, and individual colleges across the country are working on […]